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Friday, February 2, 2018

Kinsley & Brandon | Wedding Highlights | Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay

Saturday, February 11, 2017

10 Unanticipated Wedding Costs to Prepare For.

10 Unanticipated Wedding Costs to Look Out For
Planning a wedding is already a stressful affair with so many preparations to make and not to mention the toll it takes on your pocket! A couple usually has a budget in mind, but sticking to the budget can get very difficult with unforeseen wedding costs which one did not anticipate. To save you from an unpleasant shock, we have prepared a list of the unexpected wedding costs which may come your way:

Often brides choose to wear their mother’s bridal dress as it holds sentimental value. Some also buy a second-hand dress. These ideas are great and can even save some money, but what you do not know is that a mere wedding dress repair ranges from $100-500! 
Hotel welcome bag

Some hotels charge the bride and groom for the welcome bags left in the hotel rooms for the guests. However, they do not advertise this fact and the total hotel cost can significantly go up due to this.
Extra time

The wedding venue and DJ as well as the photographer charge extra if the wedding runs late.
Taxes and tips

Taxes and tips can amount to approximately 20% of the wedding costs, a huge amount which is often unforeseen.
Delivery fees and setup costs

From your three-tier cake to the lights and flowers; all require delivery and setup. Since nothing in this world is free, this is also charged.
Cake cutting

The bride and groom usually want to bring the cake of their choice and budget to the wedding venue. However, the hotel venue may charge you for the outside item. The charges can be $2-5 per guest! This amount can add up to the cost of the cake!
Bridal packages at salon


Besides Wedding day makeover, the bride’s manicure, pedicure to facial and highlights can also cost a large amount and further add to the wedding expenses.
Bachelor/bridal party

What is a wedding before a bachelorette/bachelor party? You are just getting married once and you need to celebrate your singlehood one last time! These days’ bachelor parties are very detailed and follow a proper theme. Moreover, some even opt for a weekend getaway which is even pricier nonetheless more fun!

Wedding invites are typically heavier than normal mail. Hence posting the wedding cards can cost from $2-5 per invite. 

The bride and groom usually gift their parents and close friends a small gift as a token of appreciation. This should also be added to the wedding costs.
When it comes to the wedding budget, these unforeseen costs can be accommodated for with a little bit of planning and research. If you are up-to-date with these costs, you will not have to face a wedding bill larger than your anticipation. Also remember, going into a debt to plan your wedding is not a good idea. Hence, be prepared and always factor in a category of unexpected costs in your wedding budget. Want to have a gorgeous yet budget-friendly wedding? Opt for http://www.delmarvaweddings.com/ and make your wedding day schedule the most exciting one –and that too in your budget. 


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Sarah + Kyle

Here's a small glimpse from Sarah and Kyle's outstanding wedding shot by Forever Lucky Films. The reception was held in a church in Chincoteague and the reception was set up in a massive tent on the water in nearby Horntown. Kim Tucker photographed the event.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Advantages of Doing a First Look

The ‘First Look’!
Photographers capture the beautiful moments in our life and turn it into the most treasured possession which is then passed down to generations after generations. Wedding gives us such beautiful, fun, exciting and precious memories. Timeless moments of pure love, romance and emotions are captured by the photographer in such occasion. The concept of ‘First Look’ which is largely upcoming trend by the photographers is growing popularity among the couples. For many couples who went ahead with their photographers on this are now being called the ‘first look’ trend setters.
Traditionally the groom gets to see his bride when she walks down the aisle. This is a splendid moment and every photographer’s excitement. The first look is not a replacement of the walking down the aisle moment but actually a bonus to the wedding memories. The groom is able to see the bride for the first time before the ceremony and the photographers gets to capture few best candid moments. 
The Advantages
Weddings are also sometimes quite nerve wracking & busy and the couples face pressure & expectations. One of the stressful parts of the event is when the couple who working tirelessly on every detail of the wedding doesn’t get around to see each other before the ceremony. By adding this experience into the busy schedule, the couple feels relaxed as the pressure is taken off. There is also an overwhelming feeling of seeing your life partner for the first time in full wedding attire which is breathtaking.
It gives unique experience and provides a deeply intimate and special moment for the couple. Also the photographer is able to work closely and capture series of beautiful photos set according to the style and personality of the couple, leaving the entire rest of the day for the couple to enjoy the occasion and spend more time with family and friends.
As a groom who together with his wife made the decision to break tradition and see each other before our walk down the aisle I can say that the first look gave us an opportunity to have a very personal moment together that freed us to express our most sincere thoughts and emotions. 
The Final Choice

The choice of doing the first look before the wedding ceremony is usually a very bold step by the bride and groom as they break away from stereotype. There are strong superstitious feelings entangled and sometimes it disappoints parents with expectations. Thus as the groom and the bride takes this decision to break the tradition, it gives the photographer an opportunity to capture a very personal moment of togetherness that freed them to express their most sincere thoughts and emotions.

- Justina

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Forever Lucky Films is hiring Videographers

Forever Lucky Films is looking for creative and professional individuals to shoot mainly weddings on the Eastern Shore and Delaware.  Must have wedding experience.  Please visit them at www.foreverluckyfilms.com for more information and to contact them.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Planning a Nautical Themed Wedding On A Budget

A wedding on or near the Eastern Shore, or even at the beach, lends itself well to a nautical theme. This is a theme in which you have a lot of flexibility in your planning, making it easy to plan a nautical wedding on a budget. 

For this particular theme, white and blue make an excellent color scheme. Finding d├ęcor in these colors is easy to do. You’ll find that you can easily acquire flowers that match your color scheme and that it’s even possible to have a custom cocktail made featuring these colors. This doesn’t have to break your budget if you or someone you know is good at creating cocktails. 

To save money on your wedding dress you can get away with a more casual dress at a nautical themed wedding than you could at a more formal one. A white sundress or strapless dress and white sandals with blue jewelry makes a beautiful wedding day outfit that will fit in nicely with your theme. For the groom and his attendants, white suits with blue bow ties, boutonnieres and cummerbunds are suitable and save you the expense of renting formal tuxedoes. 

Whether you are holding your wedding at an indoor or outdoor venue, you will find that a nautical themed wedding is easy to decorate for and won’t cost you much. Blue and white linens can be used on the tables for the wedding reception, including the gift table. White and blue balloons can be tied to the back of each guest’s chair or hung in bunches throughout the room. Your centerpieces can also easily be created using the nautical theme. One idea is to acquire a small mirror for each table to serve as the base of the centerpiece. You can purchase or make sailboat models and place a model on top of each mirror. For a cheaper option you can obtain or create tea lights shaped like a sailboat and replace the mirrors with a vintage world map. Other creative options for your centerpieces include a wooden lighthouse painted blue and white. 

Choosing wedding favors for a nautical theme is easy to do because of all the options you have. Key chains shaped like an anchor or coasters with an anchor or sailboat on them fit the theme perfectly. With a nautical theme, anything that can be used outdoors also makes for a great wedding favor, including tote bags and water bottles, which you can often have the design of your choice placed on.

For a nautical themed wedding you also have many menu options. This type of wedding calls for light fare such as seafood, if it’s in your budget. If not, you have other food options such as pasta dishes and salads. A wedding cake with white icing and blue trim also lends itself to the nautical theme.

Planning this type of wedding on a set budget is something that many couples find easy to do. 

Thinking of a Winter Wedding

Having the perfect wedding doesn’t mean you have to shell out top dollar for a date in prime wedding season. Many weddings are held in the ‘shoulder’ seasons - in the early spring, late summer or fall months. The most cost effective weddings, though, are held during what are known as the “off-season” months. A wedding held in the chilly winter months is actually incredibly appealing to many, and for several reasons. Competition is fierce for a venue on any particular date in the peak of wedding season, and the same beautiful venue will have few, if any weddings or other events booked during the off-season months. The battle for the date you desire will not be as fierce since you won’t be trying to tie the knot on the same date as many other couples.
Setting your date in the potentially frosty months of November, January,  late February, or March can work out perfectly for booking vendors as well. December should generally be avoided since many people have other financial priorities that month due to the holiday season. An exception remains, however, for December if you have far-flung relatives and friends gathering in one location – a financial burden is lifted by getting married when the travel was already included in the holiday! The end of November is the same, due to Thanksgiving. You know what date is in mid-February, and the flower prices will be simply too high. 

In the off-season, you can save a lot of money, particularly when you consider that the demand for items and services such as flowers and catering will not be as high. By simply asking, you can negotiate deals on everything from your ceremony and reception venues to your wedding day transportation, and everything in between. Don’t be afraid to ask for an extra you wouldn’t be able to afford during the peak months – chances aren’t high that they’ll fill the spot with a higher-paying couple, which gives you a good amount of leverage.  Many venues and vendors have amazing deals on off-season packages!

There are so many great reasons for having your wedding in the winter months. Off-season is a wonderful time of year to get married!
- Maigen Thomas for Delmarva Weddings