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Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Advantages of Doing a First Look

The ‘First Look’!
Photographers capture the beautiful moments in our life and turn it into the most treasured possession which is then passed down to generations after generations. Wedding gives us such beautiful, fun, exciting and precious memories. Timeless moments of pure love, romance and emotions are captured by the photographer in such occasion. The concept of ‘First Look’ which is largely upcoming trend by the photographers is growing popularity among the couples. For many couples who went ahead with their photographers on this are now being called the ‘first look’ trend setters.
Traditionally the groom gets to see his bride when she walks down the aisle. This is a splendid moment and every photographer’s excitement. The first look is not a replacement of the walking down the aisle moment but actually a bonus to the wedding memories. The groom is able to see the bride for the first time before the ceremony and the photographers gets to capture few best candid moments. 
The Advantages
Weddings are also sometimes quite nerve wracking & busy and the couples face pressure & expectations. One of the stressful parts of the event is when the couple who working tirelessly on every detail of the wedding doesn’t get around to see each other before the ceremony. By adding this experience into the busy schedule, the couple feels relaxed as the pressure is taken off. There is also an overwhelming feeling of seeing your life partner for the first time in full wedding attire which is breathtaking.
It gives unique experience and provides a deeply intimate and special moment for the couple. Also the photographer is able to work closely and capture series of beautiful photos set according to the style and personality of the couple, leaving the entire rest of the day for the couple to enjoy the occasion and spend more time with family and friends.
As a groom who together with his wife made the decision to break tradition and see each other before our walk down the aisle I can say that the first look gave us an opportunity to have a very personal moment together that freed us to express our most sincere thoughts and emotions. 
The Final Choice

The choice of doing the first look before the wedding ceremony is usually a very bold step by the bride and groom as they break away from stereotype. There are strong superstitious feelings entangled and sometimes it disappoints parents with expectations. Thus as the groom and the bride takes this decision to break the tradition, it gives the photographer an opportunity to capture a very personal moment of togetherness that freed them to express their most sincere thoughts and emotions.

- Justina

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