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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Planning a Nautical Themed Wedding On A Budget

A wedding on or near the Eastern Shore, or even at the beach, lends itself well to a nautical theme. This is a theme in which you have a lot of flexibility in your planning, making it easy to plan a nautical wedding on a budget. 

For this particular theme, white and blue make an excellent color scheme. Finding d├ęcor in these colors is easy to do. You’ll find that you can easily acquire flowers that match your color scheme and that it’s even possible to have a custom cocktail made featuring these colors. This doesn’t have to break your budget if you or someone you know is good at creating cocktails. 

To save money on your wedding dress you can get away with a more casual dress at a nautical themed wedding than you could at a more formal one. A white sundress or strapless dress and white sandals with blue jewelry makes a beautiful wedding day outfit that will fit in nicely with your theme. For the groom and his attendants, white suits with blue bow ties, boutonnieres and cummerbunds are suitable and save you the expense of renting formal tuxedoes. 

Whether you are holding your wedding at an indoor or outdoor venue, you will find that a nautical themed wedding is easy to decorate for and won’t cost you much. Blue and white linens can be used on the tables for the wedding reception, including the gift table. White and blue balloons can be tied to the back of each guest’s chair or hung in bunches throughout the room. Your centerpieces can also easily be created using the nautical theme. One idea is to acquire a small mirror for each table to serve as the base of the centerpiece. You can purchase or make sailboat models and place a model on top of each mirror. For a cheaper option you can obtain or create tea lights shaped like a sailboat and replace the mirrors with a vintage world map. Other creative options for your centerpieces include a wooden lighthouse painted blue and white. 

Choosing wedding favors for a nautical theme is easy to do because of all the options you have. Key chains shaped like an anchor or coasters with an anchor or sailboat on them fit the theme perfectly. With a nautical theme, anything that can be used outdoors also makes for a great wedding favor, including tote bags and water bottles, which you can often have the design of your choice placed on.

For a nautical themed wedding you also have many menu options. This type of wedding calls for light fare such as seafood, if it’s in your budget. If not, you have other food options such as pasta dishes and salads. A wedding cake with white icing and blue trim also lends itself to the nautical theme.

Planning this type of wedding on a set budget is something that many couples find easy to do. 

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