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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Thinking of a Winter Wedding

Having the perfect wedding doesn’t mean you have to shell out top dollar for a date in prime wedding season. Many weddings are held in the ‘shoulder’ seasons - in the early spring, late summer or fall months. The most cost effective weddings, though, are held during what are known as the “off-season” months. A wedding held in the chilly winter months is actually incredibly appealing to many, and for several reasons. Competition is fierce for a venue on any particular date in the peak of wedding season, and the same beautiful venue will have few, if any weddings or other events booked during the off-season months. The battle for the date you desire will not be as fierce since you won’t be trying to tie the knot on the same date as many other couples.
Setting your date in the potentially frosty months of November, January,  late February, or March can work out perfectly for booking vendors as well. December should generally be avoided since many people have other financial priorities that month due to the holiday season. An exception remains, however, for December if you have far-flung relatives and friends gathering in one location – a financial burden is lifted by getting married when the travel was already included in the holiday! The end of November is the same, due to Thanksgiving. You know what date is in mid-February, and the flower prices will be simply too high. 

In the off-season, you can save a lot of money, particularly when you consider that the demand for items and services such as flowers and catering will not be as high. By simply asking, you can negotiate deals on everything from your ceremony and reception venues to your wedding day transportation, and everything in between. Don’t be afraid to ask for an extra you wouldn’t be able to afford during the peak months – chances aren’t high that they’ll fill the spot with a higher-paying couple, which gives you a good amount of leverage.  Many venues and vendors have amazing deals on off-season packages!

There are so many great reasons for having your wedding in the winter months. Off-season is a wonderful time of year to get married!
- Maigen Thomas for Delmarva Weddings

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